Lisbon is blessed as the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches, the Lisbon coast offers beautiful beaches that range from sheltered little coves to miles of dune-backed sands. There are many beaches to choose from within a 30-minute drive radius.

The Praia das Avencas is a small beach, which is nestled between high cliffs and rocky outcrops. This stretch of coastline is protected to support the marine life that thrives on the edge of the rocks and cliffs. Avencas beach is small but is a fun place for children to hunt through low tide rock pools.

The large beach is directly in front of the Estoril Casino. The beach is more family orientated with calm seawaters and good tourist facilities. There is a tidal swimming pool just beyond the concrete groyne. The train station is on the edge of the beach and makes the beach easily accessible for less mobile visitors.

One of the most famous names of Cascais. It’s located in a
dunes area and is known around the world because of its great conditions for surfing and windsurf.

One of the large beaches in the Guincho area, along with the Guincho Beach. Following the road that gets from Cascais, Cresmina is the first beach sighted, in a long sandy area surrounded by dunes.

This beach is a small beach between Guincho and Cresmina beach. It’s a nice small beach within a rocky cove, which is great on those typically windy days as this rocky cove beach protects the beach from the winds. The sunsets on this beach are breathtaking.

The Praia de Carcavelos beach is the Lisbon’s coastlines most popular beach, in part due to the close proximity of the capital. Carcavelos beach is renowned for its reliable surf, soft golden sands and great facilities but expect it to be busy at the weekends especially during the summer holiday months.